If you missed it!

If anyone missed my last blog post, especially singers, musicians, whether you sing country, christian music, bluegrass music, this is for you!

Here is a repost of my last blog, and the best way this can work is share with friends and other groups, events that host live singings, etc.  


Well how is everyone makin' it during these crazy times?  

All you singers, musicians, music lovers, songwriters. How are you handling all of this?  

You know we all face many things in our span of living here on this earth, and this is one that we all have faced the same crazy stuff, some harder than others. I just want to say just hang in there and we will get through it.  

As a business owner and the CEO of Apple Lane Music Group, which is new and struggling like everybody else. I have to be persistent and keep moving forward and work on new ways to grow and find ways to help the artists, musicians, songwriters, etc.   

I want Apple Lane Music Group to be a place for the artists, musicians, songwriters to come and post and let's create a community that can help each other. Music should be a team effort and not a me, myself and I, music. It takes everyone helping each other to grow. There is enough bad in this industry. So I encourage everyone to go to the music community site and post your comments, your ideas, that can help each other or if you have an idea that Apple Lane Music Group can help with please let us know.     

You can find the music community on the applelanemusic.com site.  

Let's join together, and come lets help each other.  

Need a group to sing with, need a guitar player, a drummer, etc. Post it and we will get the word out.

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